March 13, 2009
Sharpes woman claims police damaged her roof

A Redemption Sharpes woman is asking for justice, after claiming that police are responsible for damage to her home at Trigger Ridge.{{more}}

Jasmine Haywood claims that police threw blocks

on the roof of her house, breaking apart the galvanized eaves at the side of the house and creating holes in the roof.

Haywood said that police came to her home looking for her son, Marvin Richards, who she says is mentally ill and is wanted for a criminal offence.

According to Haywood, Richards was in the back yard of the house and was told by Police to come forward. Richards then refused and threw stones at the police officers. Haywood related that police officers then took broken blocks from the front yard and threw them onto her house roof, damaging the galvanize.

When Searchlight contacted Inspector Jonathan Nicholls of the Police Public Relations Department, he said that Haywood had issued a complaint and investigations are being conducted into the matter.

Haywood, who lives with her boyfriend says that she needs to have the roof repaired as it could cause further damage to the inside of her property especially during heavy rains. (OS)