March 13, 2009
LIME eases economic crunch for customers


LIME, in an effort to “make life a little easier” for its customers in the current economic environment, is introducing one of its biggest ever region-wide promotions to offers customers significant savings.{{more}}

The promotion, which includes free talk time and text messaging, bonus credit, complimentary SIM reactivation and discounts on internet service, will run throughout March and April.

During the promotional period, LIME’s mobile customers, both prepaid and postpaid, will be able to send text messages to other LIME mobiles free for one hour everyday. “SMS Happy Hour” will be from 6pm to 7pm each day starting on March 13th.

LIME’s prepaid mobile customers can also enjoy free calls to other LIME mobiles all day on Sundays once they top up with at least $25 during the week; while new postpaid customers will automatically receive double their allocation of on-net* (calls to other LIME mobile numbers) calling minutes for the first three months of their service contact.

LIME will also be giving $5 free “reactivation” credit to prepaid mobile customers whose phones have become inactive in the last three months.

LIME is also offering big savings on broadband as customers signing up for internet service packages will get double the speed at the regular price for the first three months of their service contract.

Country Manager Angus Steele said: “We know that many of our customers are finding it extremely challenging in these times and so we decided to do something to help. The result is some great deals which will save them quite a bit on their telecoms spend.”

He added: “We’re very proud that LIME is one of the first companies to acknowledge the difficult times in the Caribbean and provide some tangible offers as part of a promotional campaign that we believe can also keep a smile on our customers’ faces.”