March 13, 2009
Karib Cable awaits cross network calling

Local cable TV operator Karib Cable, which has recently introduced a fixed line telephone service here, is asking LIME, formerly known as Cable and Wireless, when customers of both fixed line services will be able to call across networks.{{more}}

In a release issued on Wednesday, the Management of Karib Cable said that the interconnectivity between their customers and LIME customers has not yet occurred, despite a notice published in the newspapers by LIME stating that interconnectivity will occur on March 2, 2009.

The release says “Karib Cable has made numerous inquiries into the delay of this interconnect but these inquiries seem to be taken on a merry-go round. At present, Karib Cable Fixed line customers at their leisure can use a reliable, clear, quality service to make: free unlimited calls within the Karib Cable network; cheaper calls to the bigger, better network (Digicel); cheaper long distance calls.”