January 2, 2009
Education for living and production

by Frances A. Clarke 02.JAN.09

The Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) Division of the Ministry of Education continues its facilitator role as motivator and stimulator of individual, group and national education development in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Once again we place in the national spotlight the truth that ACE is simply not only about teaching adults to read and count at the basic literacy level.{{more}} We are about education, both for enhanced and empowered living and increased production.

Fifteen more women from the north Windward community of Fancy successfully completed a twelve-week Homemakers’ Programme recently. They now can enhance their lives, as well as those of family and friends, through producing many nutritious dishes using locally grown items. I know, because the breadfruit and saltfish fritters were a hit for me, while some others went down on the roti and the pumpkin cup cakes.

By the time Mr. John Zan George and I left the area of the Fancy Government School, the graduates already had an offer of a forum in a Fancy bright stop to sell their delicious delicacies, if they so desire. I know for sure our driver Mr. Cain, who is a very discriminating eater, could vouch for the rotis!

One thing, though, with the universal access to twelve years of primary and secondary education, we expect to see more male participants in our programmes in 2009.