July 18, 2008
Jessica Bobb 106-years-old and still going strong

The celebration of some achievements never gets old – one such is living to 100 years old!

So when someone is looking back at 100 and threatening to make that mark a distant memory, certainly it is good to pause, reflect, and applaud.{{more}}

Jessica Annetta Bobb turned 106 on July 10.

SEARCHLIGHT visited with the mother of eight earlier this week, and because her speech is severely limited, spoke to her daughter and caregiver Cecilia.

“She doesn’t say much, except yes or no, if I ask her something,” Cecilia explained.

Cecilia who retuned from the United States 10 years ago to care for her mother said that she remembers her mother as a hard working housewife who ran a very strict house.

“She was strict. I remember that,” Cecelia said.

Bobb loved to walk, tended a garden, and was always very active.

Bobb’s favourite food, Cecelia told SEARCHLIGHT, has always been soup, as far as she (Cecelia) could remember.

As Bobb sat quietly in her wheelchair, nodding to sleep, this reporter couldn’t help but wish that she could have spoken, shared from her experiences – many, varied, rich, certainly they must have been.

She has lived a lifetime and more, and still she goes on living.