July 11, 2008
Students to host lecture series

Three young Vincentain university students are doing their part to stimulate positive, progressive discussions in their homeland.

Luke Browne, Kimsha Williams, and Jamal Browne, who are all home on vacation, at a press briefing last Wednesday said that they are inspired to present a seven-part lecture series on the life and work of local, regional, and international personalities who they believe we all can learn from.{{more}}

The trio said that they hope that the discussions on these brilliant leaders would replace the non-progressive petty politicking and partisan political discussion that this country, they say, is now engaged in.

They believe that the lives of these great individuals can help to guide the discussion on this country’s own development, amidst the various worldwide challenges facing it.

Under the theme, “Behold”, the lecture series is designed to look at the seven chosen personalities’ Brilliance, Ethics, Heroism, Optimism, Leadership, and Devotion.

Presentations will be made on Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, CLR James, Sir Arthur Lewis, Sir Fred Philips and Dr JP Eustace.

Beginning Thursday, July 24, the lecture series will be held every Thursday except for the second week, when the lecture will take place on Wednesday, July 30. All of the lectures will take place at the Peace Memorial Hall, from 7 pm each night.

Plans are also afoot to promote an essay competition coming out of the series.

Kimsha Williams 22, is studying Physics and Mathematics at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies, while Luke Browne also 22, a UWI graduate, will attend the prestigious Oxford University in England, where he will be pursuing post graduate studies in Development Studies. Meanwhile Jamal Browne has just completed studies in Surveying at the St Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies and is preparing to start his post graduate studies.