July 4, 2008
Digicel hosts corporate breakfast meeting


Whatever you plan to do in business, your business must have a strategy for using the Internet. That’s according to Digicel’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) Jerry George.

The PRO made his sentiments felt during a corporate breakfast meeting held at the conference room of Sunset Shores Beach Hotel on Thursday June 26. The meeting was held to show customers how to make maximum use of the technology offered by Digicel through their handsets.{{more}} “In your business you need not only be a user of the Internet but you must make sure it has a significant role to play in your business no matter what your business is,” said George who stressed that Digicel offers the right tools to use the Internet.

George told the gathering that a cell phone, namely a data device like the Blackberry allows you to use the Internet and to showcase your business wherever you are in the world. “Mobile phones revolutionized business,” he said adding that having a mobile phone, “meant that you can take or make a telephone call anywhere,” and that can allow you to do business whether or not you are in an office. “Having the Internet meant that you had the world at your fingertips then there was a marriage between the mobile phone and the Internet and this marriage produced the smart phone”, said the PRO.

He added that a phone that efficiently utilizes the Internet helps save time and improves communication and productivity. George explained that a special study done on the use of these data devices revealed that persons who use them make better use of time and resources. He said that Blackberry users convert an average of fifty four minutes a day of down time into productive time while two thirds said that a Blackberry improved their productivity by 20 percent. Forty one per cent said that it had substantial effect on their employees.

Data Specialist at Digicel Lawrence Francis said Digicel has introduced ‘Edge Technology’ which is three times faster than the GPRS system. He added that the use of Edge coupled with a Blackberry or any data device allows for a quick way of sending and receiving files and doing business on the move. Gershom Dick, Corporate Sales Executive said that persons should use the Digicel service because it is available in twenty three regional countries and also, “we are noted for our superior coverage”. Dick revealed that Digicel’s customer care service is superior, “we take calls at 3 in the morning,” he quipped.

Among the other things highlighted by Dick are per-second billing, drop call compensation, which allows you to be compensated for lost calls and a package that allows you to control your account by having a credit limit. Dick also spoke about the introduction of Digicel’s PBX system which allows for the transferring of calls from the main office station to stations anywhere throughout the office or to a cell phone outside the office.

The Corporate breakfast was organized by Digicel’s Corporate Accounts

Manager Brenda Barbour and was attended by

lawyers, accountants, engineers and hoteliers among others.