June 13, 2008
SVG Cadet Force holds passing out parade and investiture ceremony

One hundred and one students from several secondary schools across the island had their SVG Cadet Force passing out parade and investiture ceremony at the Girls’ High School hard court on Thursday, 29th May. The students were trained in the history of the SVG Cadet Force and basic foot drills over the last six months.{{more}}

Jesse Bute, who was the smallest recruit in stature among the others, got the awards for best Drill Charlie and most outstanding recruit. The Best Theory Charlie award went to Durlarley Roberts and Fayasha Lewis. Donna Nelson got the award for Best Drill Delta and Omari Browne got the award for Best Theory Delta.

Colonel Dwight Lewis, while speaking to the recruits, urged them to use the Cadet experience to develop themselves. He informed them that there is a lot they can learn from being a part of the Cadet Force. Lewis said the training they will receive will enable them to perform better in school. He told the recruits that a lot is expected of them. “Persons are going to look at you for a certain code of behavior and discipline”. He urged the recruits to stand out among their peers and not to fall to the hands of peer pressure. Lewis pleaded with the young cadets to keep their focus and stay away from drugs and promiscuity. His organization’s aim, he said, is to “make you a well rounded individual with good social skills”. (VM)