June 13, 2008
‘I don’t have no pressure… no sugar… nothing’

by J. Soso-Vincent 13.JUNE.08

Millicent Browne knows the secret to longevity. She is living proof of it, as she celebrated her 104th birthday on Saturday, June 7th. Her advice for those who want to live long, fruitful lives is simple: “I did God’s will. Do like me and love Jesus… Thank Him!”{{more}}

A jovial and chatty woman, Millicent has the majority of her faculties about her. Her hearing is impeccable and her voice is of a strength and timbre that belies her age. Apart from having diminished vision, due to cataracts, and arthritic knees, Millicent prides herself in being of sound health. “I don’t have no pressure… no sugar… nothing,” she beamed. She also boasted that throughout her life she has never had any major illnesses. Longevity seems to run in the Browne family, as she told SEARCHLIGHT that she had a few relatives who lived to be 100 and over.

At the age of 26, Millicent moved to Prospect, having grown up in the village of Stubbs, and began her working career as a house-keeper – the only profession she has ever held. She gave birth to four sons, namely Stanley Browne, Owen Browne, Gregory Browne and Albert Browne. The latter two are deceased, whilst the former two currently reside in the UK. Although she never had any daughters, Millicent said that this is not something she regrets, as the Lord only gives you what He sees fit. “Well, what God give me I have to thank him for.” The mother of four estimates that she has about 300 nieces, nephews, grandchildren, great and great-great grandchildren, great nieces/nephews and great-great nieces/nephews. “The Browne family is big!” she exclaimed.

Born to Elfreda Lewis and “Teapick” Browne, Millicent is the only girl amongst six boys, on her mother’s side. She related that she was always an obedient daughter and enjoyed spending time with her brothers; especially trips to the beach. She acknowledged that her father had a lot of children with different women. Therefore, she didn’t have a lot of interaction with them all – some she had never even met.

Millicent is a somewhat traveled woman. She spent 10 years living in the UK and five years living in Trinidad. She enjoyed living in the UK immensely, despite the cold. “When you were outside it was cold, but once you got home the heating made the house warm,” she explained.

Deeply religious, Millicent has not been able to attend Service at her church, Calliaqua Methodist, for a number of years. However, this does not stop her from worshipping, as a minister from the church visits to administer Communion to her. On an average day, she prays a lot, listens to the radio and chats with friends and family on the telephone.

In all, Millicent lives a comfortable, content life after having worked so hard when she was younger. She doesn’t have to worry about the bills nor buying the groceries. She has two helpers who work shift to help care for her, but still manages to retain a bit of independence by using the toilet and getting into bed on her own. “Once a man, twice a child,” she mused.

Millicent also has the daily company of her daughter-in-law, Germaine Browne, who only lives a few houses away. She still enjoys her food and has a penchant for sweet things – particularly cake and ice cream. Despite all this, she fondly reminisced on her younger days, especially when she used to raise cats and dogs, and looked after countless flocks of pigeons. She lamented the fact that, physically, she couldn’t do much now but was grateful that God had blessed her to live this long. Moreover, death holds no fear over this charming woman; she is ready to face it. “When the Lord wants me, I ready!”