May 23, 2008
Mountain Top supports NSOFB

Mountain Top Springs Ltd, bottlers of Mountain Top Premium Spring Water, have launched an awareness and fund raising campaign for the National Society of and for the Blind.{{more}}

Following a meeting held earlier this year, Kenneth DaSilva, Financial Comptroller of Mountain Top Springs Ltd, committed his company to a two month campaign, commencing in mid-May during the Month of the Blind. The theme of the campaign is “Be part of our vision and make senses count”.

DaSilva said that the idea first came to him during informal discussions held with members of the Society in December 2007. At that time Mountain Top contributed a cash gift to the organisation. He indicated that given the scope of the organisation’s services to its members and the limited availability of funds, he thought it necessary to bring widespread public attention to the organisation. He stressed, however, that whereas Mountain Top is pleased to initiate the campaign, it should be seen as a collaborative effort between all Vincentians, private and corporate, at home and abroad.

Spokesperson for the Society, Stanley Richards, pledged his organisation’s commitment to the campaign. “Your vision is our vision” he stated. He advised that members of the society will be actively promoting and supporting the campaign.

The highlight of this campaign will be Mountain Top’s donation of 5 cents EC for each bottle of 500ml water sold for the duration of the campaign. A label will be produced to commemorate the campaign. Awareness will also be maintained through the use of his company’s website, collection bottles at banks and supermarkets throughout St.Vincent and the Grenadines, billboards and newspaper advertisements.

This campaign is similar to previous campaigns arranged by Mountain Top Springs Ltd in the past for two other charitable organisations in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

The National Society of and for the Blind, constituted in 1982, is the successor to the St.Vincent Blind Welfare Association. It provides rehabilitation, education and training, employment and job training, preventative education and treatment and welfare assistance to the more than 1000 blind persons throughout St.Vincent and the Grenadines. The society’s assistance is not limited to blind persons, as it provides assistance to the growing number of persons with visual impairment.

For further information, kindly contact Cleo Huggins at [email protected] or tel. 784 528 7064, or Ken DaSilva at [email protected] or tel. 784 456 1744.