May 16, 2008
Four women honoured by Ministry

Often times in society, women are forced to take the backseat to the opposite sex, but last Friday, May 9, four women were in for a special treat from the Ministry of Natural Mobilisation.{{more}}

Thanks to the efforts the Gender Affairs Division within the Ministry of National Mobilisation, Social Development, Youth and Sports the 2008 Women’s Recognition Awards Ceremony was held at the Peace Memorial Hall.

Yolande Stewart was awarded for her work in Social Services, Agnetha Robinson for Agriculture, Jestina Charles Social Services, Margaret Cato for Politics and Cornis Sprott in the field of Health.

Delivering remarks at the ceremony, Minister of National Mobilisation Michael Browne said that women’s contribution to this nation ought to be recognized in a simple but yet important fashion. Browne made the point that women are continually breaking new ground within the trade unions and today’s society.

Browne said it was without a shadow of a doubt that under the ULP administration women have made significant headways in different fields. Browne assured the small gathering that the Unity Labour Party administration would continue advancing and promoting women and look out for their best interest. “Our women often hold families together in times of difficult circumstances and even makes significant contributions beyond the home,” said Minister Browne.

Delivering the feature address, representative from the Organisation of American States Merlene Glynn said that women have been striving for equality, justice and peace since the early 1900s. She said that women should always be treated as equal with men at all times. She noted that women are also the subject of brutal force from some men as she highlighted the gruesome murders of four women here, including Lorna Small who was killed and buried, Marcia Quammie, chopped to death by her common law husband, Lokeisha Nanton, who was raped and hanged and Stacey Wilson who was beheaded in broad daylight in the Leeward Bus Terminal. “Violence against women is an issue that can’t wait. This must be addressed now, it is time to end the violence,” Glynn remarked.

Glynn also encouraged women to persevere in the quest for gender equality and positive transformation. “Even the journey seems long and the load is heavy we must push on,” she said.(KW)