May 2, 2008
World Day for Safety & Health at work

World day for Safety and Health at work was celebrated on April 28th under the theme: “Managing risks in the Work Environment”. With a slogan “My life, my work, my safe work”, an exhibition hosted by the Labour Department was held under the gallery of the Postal Services Corporation to commemorate the day.{{more}}

The Labour Department had on display literature on Occupational Safety and Health in the work place. These highlighted ways in which employers and workers can be safe at work. These include employers’ moral and legal responsibility to protect workers, especially those involved in hazardous occupations. It was also stressed that workers, especially farmers who use pesticides, should have frequent medical check-ups.

The National Insurance Service in their booth displayed information on the Employment Injury Benefit which is paid to persons who are injured on the job. The benefits include funeral grants, death benefit and medical expenses.

Bernadine Dublin, Acting Deputy Labour Commissioner, told Searchlight that there are simple things persons can do to keep safe at the work place. She added that “In order for occupation safety and health to be effective, government, employers and workers must play a role”.

The Ministry of Health and the Environmental also took part in the fair.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) Occupational Safety and Health Convention 1981 states that employers are required to ensure that so far as is reasonably practicable, workplaces, equipment and substances are safe and without risk to health. (VM)