May 2, 2008
Upstage tent Xperience back

The calypso and soca season gets under way in spectacular fashion on May 10 when the Upstage Xperience stages a special Mother’s Day Event at the Aquatic Club, its first activity for 2008.{{more}}

Billed as “A Gift for Mama”, this show will feature all the elements of Vincy Mas. There will be a display of costumes from two mas bands, steel band entertainment, as well as an appearance by the Miss SVG contestants.

The highlight of the event will be the new productions for 2008 by SVG’s top calypso and soca artistes, including Bomani, Skarpyon, Kyron Baptiste, Zoelah, Maddzart, Brother Ebony and Shaunelle McKenzie. Appearances will be made by known artistes such as Kijah Gani, Mint, Ron B, and Landlord.

The other members of the tent will complete the cast on May 23 – the date of the second presentation for the season.

Upstage Xperience anticipates that this special event will bring a new dimension to the calypso tent experience and one which will continue to be a feature of the organisation.

A Gift for Mama will commence with pre-show cocktails, and will conclude with an after-party, featuring the band AKcess, as well as leading deejays.

This show is dedicated to the mothers of St Vincent and the Grenadines and special tributes shall be paid in song while Mother’s Day gifts will also be on offer to some patrons.