January 11, 2008
Bishop Goodridge laid to rest at St. George’s

The remains of the former Bishop of the Windward Islands, The Right Reverend Dr Sehon Goodridge, were laid to rest on Monday afternoon at the St. George’s Cathedral churchyard in Kingstown.{{more}}

Approximately 500 Anglicans and other mourners gathered for the funeral mass, which was presided over by Bishop of the Windward Islands C. Leopold Friday. The simple ceremony saw participation of a wide cross section of clergy and laity from the Diocese.

In his sermon, Bishop Friday said that although death is something we as humans find difficult to cope with and understand, we should always remember that there is nothing, not even death, that can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus. He reminded the gathering of the faith of the Church, which is that God is in control at all times.

Bishop Friday said the late Bishop Goodridge provided many opportunities to both clergy and laity to be exposed to theological thought and practice, allowing them to come to a deeper, stronger faith.

He said that the late Bishop was excited about the Gospel and had a positive outlook on life, which was based on his faith in God.

“Death is not the end… Those who have been baptized have an assurance that we are with God. We have the assurance that Sehon is with God,” he comforted.