December 21, 2007
Police Chief: Criminals getting more sophisticated

“Let it be known that we will spare no effort to send our men to receive more training to keep up with their trends.”

The words of a somewhat disturbed and at the same time resolute Commissioner of Police Keith Miller, speaking at a joint press conference, called to highlight an innovation being used by criminals in an effort to deceive police.{{more}}

Miller was referring to the December 11th raid that netted Wendellyn Browne and her daughter Kathian Morgan, and almost eight thousand grams of cocaine with an estimated street value of EC $500,000.

Also wanted in relation to the bust are Derrick Charles and Dexter Froget.

What disturbed the Commissioner was the method in which the cocaine was discovered – in liquid form.

“The public must be aware of the extent to which the criminals will go to deceive us.”

The cocaine was found in five plastic jugs labeled STAR SORREL SYRUP, three of which were destroyed during the raid.

According to police officials, this is not the first time that cocaine has been discovered in liquid form. It has also been mixed with diesel and other liquids.

Police believe the drug was added to the liquid to disguise its true nature, but believe it could have been potentially harmful to unsuspecting persons if it got into the “wrong hands”.

“What if this got into the open market?” Miller asked. “Do you know how dangerous this could be?”

Miller was pleased, however, with the work of his officers who intercepted the drugs.

He commended them for their intelligence gathering and follow-up work and called on the public to offer more support to the police, whom he said, are sometimes misjudged.

“It is necessary for the public to see what we are doing. People are misusing and abusing the word brutality when the police are doing their duty.”

Earlier this year, the Commissioner mentioned that a number of police officers were to undergo intelligence training, among other things, overseas. (JJ)