Digicel praised for clean-up support
December 21, 2007
Digicel praised for clean-up support


Environmentalist Andrew Simmons has described telecommunications company Digicel as a “model among corporate companies” that has helped to sustain the natural resources of this country.{{more}}

Simmons, who won the Goldman Environmental award 13-years ago, has once again been nominated for the prestigious award for his work with young people and the environment, particularly with environmental Clubs from the Campden Park, St Clair Dacon and Georgetown Secondary schools.

The environmentalist also emphasized that once “young people are supported, the future is secure,” and he thanked the telecommunications company for their support.

On Monday, December 10, a film crew from BBC followed Simmons and the young students to Argyle beach where they re-enacted the clean up of the coast for a television documentary which would be featured to millions of viewers around the world.