December 21, 2007
Cable & Wireless improves Broadband Service in Leeward


Leading telecommunications provider Cable and Wireless has placed smiles on the faces of the residents of Penniston and Vermont Valley this Christmas, with the launch of the first phase of the Next Generation Network in Vermont. The Next Generation Network(NGN) Roll-out in St Vincent and the Grenadines uses state of the art equipment capable of delivering voice, broadband speed of 22Megs and video (IPTV).{{more}}

Vermont becomes the first site to be commissioned to deliver high speed Internet to customers. Residents of Vermont have already sound praises and satisfaction about the new service.

One resident said, “It has been a long time coming but the wait has finally ended and

we in the Valley look forward to surfing the Internet at very high speed and not worrying about being disconnected. I hope the service will be more reliable than what previously existed”.

Project Manager, Anthony Balcombe, is pleased that the project was delivered in time for Christmas and praised the hard working staff in the networks department for working so tirelessly to deliver the service on time and within budget.

The equipment installed is a mini self contained roadside cabinet capable of delivering voice, data and video to 384 customers in the Vermont area.

“The area of Vermont is situated more that 3 km away from the nearest exchanges in Campden Park and Layou. Typically, line plant in excess of 3km makes it difficult to support ADSL, hence the reason for deploying NGN in Vermont”, said Balcombe.

Chief Executive Angus Steele is very happy to see this project come to fruition and stressed that this will go a long way in achieving his ultimate goal of offering “World Class Customer Services”, which is one of his promises. “We look forward to deploying for of these systems throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines”, said Steele.