December 21, 2007
Cable & Wireless celebrates Christmas

Members of staff, spouses and friends of leading telecommunications company Cable & Wireless celebrated Christmas this year with a dinner party at the Sunset Shores Hotel last Friday.{{more}}

The large turnout was treated to a delightful meal, and the highlight entertainment came from the staff themselves who turned in impromptu modeling performances from male and female models.

Chief Executive Angus Steele thanked everyone for turning out in their large numbers and reiterated that his commitment and passion is to deliver World Class Customer Service to all our customers. He urged the staff present to expect a diverse product and service portfolio that will continually improve as technology improves and asked that they adapt quickly to these changes since this is one way to stay ahead of the competition.

“We are today witnessing the dramatic shift to mobile services and accompanying devices, socialization as we’ve never seen before, content proliferation and personalization all slowly converging on us in single units and devices that would allow us to do business on the run, have fun on the run and be anywhere at anytime and have access to anything we so desire”, said Steele.

Also in attendance was Minister of Telecommunications Dr Jerrol Thompson who, in his short address, praised Cable & Wireless for its tremendous contribution to the telecommunications industry. Dr. Thompson touched on the issue of rates and says he looks forward to 2008 when rates will be reduced because of the anticipated reduction in interconnect rates.

Four persons received long service awards: They are: Ten Years: Haniff Sutherland and Elroy Edwards; fifteen years: Sigmund Fraser; Twenty years: Samuel King; twenty-five years: Sandra Matthews.