Bishop Pope now a doctor
December 21, 2007
Bishop Pope now a doctor

Sunday, December 16, 2007, will forever be indelibly stamped in the memories of the persons gathered at the Faith Temple Church in New Montrose.

That special day saw the church’s own pastor, Reverend Melch Augustine Pope, being presented with his Doctorate in Ministry from the Jacksonville Theological Seminary in Florida.{{more}} You can now call him Reverend Dr Melch Augustine Pope.

The euphoria of Dr Pope’s success engulfed the church, as members were seen shedding tears of joy for their pastor.

Dr Pope’s sojourn began in 1980 when he obtained a diploma in Bible and Theology, with honours, from the West Indies School of Theology (W.I.S.T) in Trinidad. In 2004 he gained his Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology from W.I.S.T. The following year, Dr Pope obtained his Masters of Arts in Global Leadership from the New Port University in California, and most recently in October this year gaining his Doctorate in Ministry.

In the eyes of everyone gathered, Dr Pope was seen as the best all round student, most improved and most of all their valedictorian.

Addressing the congregation, an elated Dr Pope said that his only desire is to serve and to serve God efficiently. He said that he could not have done it without the support of his family and friends, but, most of all, the Lord. Dr Pope said that his journey wasn’t without its obstacles, but the grace of the Lord carried him through.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Dr Pope said that obtaining his doctorate was “always one of his dreams”.

“I cannot stop doing what I am doing, for my desire is to be the best for God,” Pope said. He also urged others who might be thinking of pursing theological studies to forge ahead and not let the enemy get in the way of progress.

Having missed his 28th wedding anniversary the day before, Reverend Dr Lee Brandt from the Jacksonville Theological Seminary in the United States of America took the time to come to St Vincent to present Dr Pope with his doctorate. Brandt said that Dr Pope exhibited excellence in all his course work. Dr Brandt said that Pope’s course work was so brilliant that it will be used in the Seminary’s catalogue as an example for overseas students.

He added that Dr Pope’s accomplishment would not only benefit him but also the church. He further stated that it would raise the respect of the church in the community, since they have a pastor who strives for excellence.

Cultural Minister René Baptiste was also in attendance.