December 14, 2007
Spring Village student to get SVG Toronto Association scholarship

A lucky student from the Spring Village Methodist School will benefit from an EC$11,000 sponsorship program over a five-year period through an initiative of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association of Toronto. The school was chosen through a draw from among all primary schools in the nation, at the Association’s monthly general meeting on November 25, 2007.{{more}}

According to Association President, Gideon Exeter, the programme, which is to begin in January 2008 is an initiative to assist children from lower income families to be able to get the necessary foundation at the primary school level to prepare them for secondary school and life beyond.

The student who is selected should have been at school for at least one year, and not younger than 6 years of age, should come from a family that is experiencing economic hardships, and should be in regular attendance at school.

The Relief Committee of the SVG Toronto Association which wrote the programme, stated that this is a win/win situation for a number of participants who will be involved in the program – the sponsor, SVG nationals abroad reaching out and touching someone in need in the homeland; the student, by getting a chance to have a solid foundation laid for his or her future; the family, by getting some well-needed financial assistance; the school and the Association for getting involved in an outreach program in the community to enhance the lives of others; and the trustees, who will get to liaise between the student, family, school and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association of Toronto.

The committee also stated that quite often assistance of this nature is geared to the academically advanced children who most often come from homes that could provide the financial base to equip them. According to Mr. Exeter, the Association’s initiative is different. “It is to help someone who may not have made it through primary school if this help was not available”.

It is expected that the student will be chosen sometime before the new term begins in January 2008.

For more information on the work that the Association is doing, please visit their website,