Dr. Byron-Cox releases historical novel
November 23, 2007
Dr. Byron-Cox releases historical novel

A book authored by Dr. Richard Byron-Cox: “Were Mama’s Tears in Vain?” has been released. The novel is probably the first piece of historical fiction written by a Vincentian since the publication of “Ruler in Hairouna” in 1972.{{more}}

Dr Byron-Cox is an International law specialist, writer, trained diplomat and linguist. The work, set in the Caribbean between 1900 and 1960, contains four other titles along with the cover story, and according to the author, it is written with the general reading public in mind.

According to the author, the book has received magnificent reviews from readers from countries as far apart as Japan and Mexico to France and the Republic of Guinea in Africa, and has been described by many as a brilliant expose of history, economic-history, sociology, philosophy, culture and much more of the Caribbean of the period it covers. Byron-Cox said, “Even while still in manuscript form, there were already calls for the book to be translated in other languages … in particular the cover story”.

Dr. Byron-Cox explains that the book written among other things to commemorate the bicentennial anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade will be officially launched in SVG on December 18th. He says that he is looking forward to this official launching where three Vincentians who have made significant contributions to our development, namely Oscar Allen, the late Erleane Horne and Renrick Rose, will be acknowledged for their efforts with autographed copies and citations. This major launching of the book will be under the theme, “A Toast to Freedom.”

The book priced at EC$70 can be bought via Internet at: http://www.trafford.com/07-1446 and would soon be listed on Amazon and other book sites. It will also soon be available at Aunt Jobe’s Supermarket, Gaymes Book Store and can be ordered through other local bookstores, or through local agent Jomo Thomas.

The book is published through Trafford Publishing of Canada and England.