November 16, 2007
Two ‘good payers’ win with Courts


On Monday, November 5, 2007, two lucky customers, Kenroy Lavia of Barrouallie and Natalie Sutherland George of Calder Ridge were given the “thumbs up” for keeping their credit account up to date in the Courts Good Payers campaign for the month of September.{{more}}

The lucky winners were in a jubilant mood and have vowed to continue to make payments on time towards their credit accounts. They also expressed how proud they are to be considered a Courts Good Payer.

Courts’ Marketing Executive, Alexis Harry said, “the campaign was developed to reward holders of active credit accounts who have been keeping their accounts up to date.” He further stated, rewarding our valued customers is not new at Courts, this is what we do best, it is one of our core values”.

He also urged customers, who have not been keeping their credit accounts up to date, to do so as there are numerous benefits to be derived besides being crowned a Court Good Payer.

Harry added, “Continue to make payments on time towards your credit account and you too can be a Courts Good Payers Winner”. The next draw is December 3rd, 2007.