November 9, 2007
Senior Police Constables graduate

Senior police constables are being urged to grab as much training as possible, if they are to keep up with the growing challenges of their work environment.{{more}}

The call was made by a number of key security officials, following a four week training course which featured lectures and practical exercises, and saw 24 of this country’s senior police constables receiving certificates.

The course, which took place at the Old Montrose Police Station, was the second of its kind.

The course covered a number of topics, which are considered key to positive growth in the force.

These include domestic violence, sociology, leadership style and principles, conflict resolution, human resource management, case file management, and customer service relations.

The senior constables, each with over ten years experience in the police force, were also urged to take back their training to their various stations, to impart their newly gained knowledge to their fellow officers.

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller in his speech noted that such training courses are the best ways to go about their mandate, with the emphasis placed on getting the job done correctly.

Miller emphasized that the criminals are monitoring the police and are also being trained for their life of crime.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security Godfred Pompey challenged the graduates to be visionary in their approach, and reminded them that the future police leadership would be derived from them.

He reminded that only through such training could the organization grow to offer the type of service required by the public.

According to Pompey, training programmes of this type are in keeping with the present administration’s policy to build a stronger, modern, well-trained police force.

PC Marlon France was adjudged the top performer of the training session. (JJ)