November 9, 2007
Nine Mornings Festival to launch December 2


A number of community groups, organizations and individuals gathered last Saturday, November 3rd, at the Cruise Ship Complex, as the National Christmas/Nine Mornings Committee begins to make preparations for the 2007 Christmas/Nine Mornings Festival.{{more}}

The Festival, which will be officially launched on Sunday, 2nd December, at Heritage Square, involves community lighting competitions, caroling, concerts, and climaxes with the Nine Mornings festivities from December 15th to the 24th. As many as 65 communities around the country have been involved in various activities, and the National Christmas/Nine Mornings Committee is seeking to maintain the interest and enthusiasm built up over the years.

The Nine Mornings Festival in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has also become a major visitor attraction, with the month of December having the highest number of tourist arrivals. In addition, the Festival has been receiving significant regional and international media coverage, and in 2006 was featured on the Discovery Channel.

Saturday’s meeting looked at such things as: improved programming, innovations, finance and sponsorship, the various community competitions, promotion and organizational strengthening.

The village of New Grounds is the defending National Lighting champions. Carriere won the Best Nine Mornings Community award, and Rose Bank was adjudged the best Christmas Community.

The Christmas/Nine Mornings Festival is being celebrated under the theme: “Celebrating a unique Vincentian Tradition.”