November 9, 2007
New speaker system for ‘Timmy’

It was Christmas in October for the staff and students of the Intermediate High School on Wednesday, October 31, as they were the recipients of two gifts which should impact significantly on the school.{{more}}

The first gift, a Public Address system, was handed over to the school by Art Boyea on behalf of his father O.A. “Ken” Boyea. The younger Boyea told Searchlight that his father had sponsored another activity at the school about a year ago, and was very impressed by the students.

Principal of the school Helen Prince expressed her gratitude for the gift saying communicating with the students prior to the arrival of the PA system was challenging. “This will make communication different and much more successful,” she declared. The school also received four brand new instruments, part of a steel orchestra, on Wednesday. According to Deputy Principal of the school Philbert “PeeJohn” John, the instruments were bought with funds provided by the Education Project Management Unit in the Ministry of Education

The instruments were handed over by veteran pan trainer and tuner Francis “Pess” Llewelyn, who has the responsibility to reintroduce steel orchestras in local schools. The six-bass and the instrument stands were made locally by Llewelyn, while the two tenor pans and one double second were imported from Trinidad and Tobago. Llewelyn told Searchlight that he intends to make a guitar pan for the orchestra, so that it would have a more complete sound. The presentation ceremonies took place at the school’s new picturesque location at McKies Hill, overlooking Kingstown.