November 2, 2007
Two men shot in Brighton attack

A businessman was at press time fighting for his life, after he was shot several times, including once to his head, last Wednesday, October 31.{{more}}

Reports are that Elmore Adams and his employee Vandyke Charles had just arrived in front of Adams’ Brighton house

at around 8 p.m., when two gunmen opened fire on them after they alighted from Adam’s truck.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT from the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, Charles, of Callaiqua, who suffered gunshot wounds to his legs, said that when they arrived, Adams noticed that something did not look right, and shortly after, the shooting started.

“I saw Elmore take one to the head,” said Charles.

He said that he then felt pain in his legs, and he dropped to the ground.

Charles said that he saw the two men run into a nearby yard.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that there was an attempted robbery on Adams two weeks ago, and he just received a firearm license last Monday.

Police sources told SEARCHLIGHT that they are continuing investigations into the matter.

Information reaching SEARCHLIGHT is that efforts were being made to have Adams flown oversees for urgent medical attention.