Digicel makes stop in Spring Village
October 26, 2007

Digicel makes stop in Spring Village


Telecommunications company Digicel continues to improve it’s coverage to the Vincentian public.

Last Friday October 19 the improvement of the Digicel service network in the Dickson area led hundreds of residents in Georgetown and Spring Village rushing to trade in their handsets from another telecommunications company to get brand new Digicel Nokia 112 phones with $60 credit.{{more}}

Digicel Channel Manager Tony Yorke said that the residents of these areas were always “pro-Digicel” but because the company did not have strong coverage in those areas, many people had to settle for the service of another telecommunications company.

The Channel Manager explained that extensive work has recently been done by Digicel engineers to improve the network coverage which now allows residents throughout the Dickson, Georgetown and Spring Village communities to get better service.

Yorke admitted that residents in these areas were yearning to have Digicel in their communities and now with an improved network coverage they can continue to expect more and will get more.