VINLEC, Cable & Wireless say things almost back to normal
October 19, 2007

VINLEC, Cable & Wireless say things almost back to normal

Telecommunications and electricity service providers Cable & Wireless and the St. Vincent Electricity Services (VINLEC) respectively have both apologized for the major service interruptions which occurred during the last week.{{more}}

In individual letters to the press, the companies indicated that they are sorry for the interruptions, which took place on Monday, October 8th and again on Saturday 13th, and that their engineers and technicians are working fervently to have the problems rectified.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Cable & Wireless Fitz Huggins indicated that their system is almost fully functional, and would be back to normal by the beginning of next week.

Up to press time, external engineers were scheduled to be assisting the local technicians to restore service.

Huggins admitted that the power cut exposed some problems that would not have been discovered otherwise, and that these problems are currently being dealt with.

According to Huggins, Cable & Wireless’s customers have been very understanding. This he credited to the service that his company has delivered in the past, and the fact that a service disruption from Cable & Wireless is not a common occurrence.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, October 17th, VINLEC Engineering Manager Dr. Vaughn Lewis indicated that the problem may have started at the Lowmans Bay Power Station, and that the company’s engineers took swift action to have the matter rectified.

Lewis stated that investigations are being carried out into the matter, and that VINLEC will not be giving up on efforts to identify the cause of the problem.

He also stated that both companies are in touch about the incident and are working together to ensure a problem does not occur on such a level again. (JJ)