Splectron kidnapped, beaten by 3 persons
October 19, 2007

Splectron kidnapped, beaten by 3 persons

Popular television host and videographer Regis Splectron claims that he was kidnapped for close to half-an-hour last Saturday, in what he claims is part of an ongoing conflict with a close friend over a video camera.{{more}}

According to Splectron, the impasse began in May, when he was accused by a friend of damaging a camera that he (Splectron) had borrowed from him.

Splectron said that he disputed his friend’s claim, saying that the problem that occurred with the camera in question was in fact electrical in nature.

He told SEARCHLIGHT that a month ago he lent the same friend his camera, only to be served with a “lawyer letter” stating that his camera was being seized until he paid for the damaged one.

At the Gospel Explosion show at Victoria Park last Saturday, October 13th, Splectron said that he saw a cameraman with his friend’s camera and decided to take it.

He said that about 7:30 the same night, he was standing in front of the Cable & Wireless headquarters, when a car with three persons drove up to him.

Splectron claims that he was roughed up, bundled into the car, driven to Sion Hill, then back to town, then to Belmont, and back to Kingstown again.

He said that following the threats and physical abuse that he claims he suffered, he carried his abductors to his office, and surrendered the camera that he took earlier the night from Victoria Park.

Splectron said he has since made a report to the police. (KJ)