Sir Louis: Take advantage of every opportunity
October 19, 2007

Sir Louis: Take advantage of every opportunity

Students who may think that going to the hills is the easiest way to get ahead are being advised to change this mindset and concentrate on getting a proper education to promote themselves and their families.{{more}}

This advice came from Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sir Louis Straker as he made his remarks at the presentation of Taiwan Scholarships to 299 students.

“You may see other young people going up in the hills. They may get a quick buck, but they are living under the gun. And you may think that that is the easiest way to get the nicest clothes and the best sneakers. But in the end, you would be the worse off for it,” Straker told the students.

Sir Louis said that today, students have a number of opportunities and should take advantage of them to equip themselves to be of service to others who will come after them. “Take your families out of poverty,” he begged the students. “Those of you who have parents who have limited education, your parents would take pride. They would be able to exalt themselves,” he continued.

Minister of Education Girlyn Miguel also took the opportunity to thank the Taiwanese for the support that they have been giving the country, and called on recipients of the scholarships to show their gratitude in everyway because the Taiwanese are working very hard for the money that they are giving to this country and they (the students) need to do their best.

Minister Miguel also called on the parents to bear with the children and to remember that not all of the students will mature in the same way. She also asked the parents to encourage their children and to visit their children’s schools if they realize that they are a little slow.

Workers were also called upon by the Deputy Prime Minister to develop a good work ethic. “Too many young people want to go on a job and sit down, and at the end of the week hold out their hand for salary,” Straker pointed out. “You must be able to develop proper work ethics in working hard, and when you get your money, you will feel the satisfaction in knowing that you have been paid for what you work for,” he continued.

He also took the opportunity to thank the Government of Taiwan for their support. In his short address, Ambassador of Taiwan Jack Yu-Tai Cheng said this is the tenth year that Taiwan has been awarding scholarships. He reminded those present that thousands of persons have already benefited from the scholarship programme, some of whom he believes are already making contributions to the country.

The value of the scholarships that were donated on Friday amounted to EC$265,000.(SB)