Bishop Glasgow: “You need to hear God’s voice”
October 19, 2007

Bishop Glasgow: “You need to hear God’s voice”

“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”{{more}}

Fifty-nine Theology students are now ready to take up the challenge that Paul put forward in the biblical book of Timothy.

Giving the feature address at the graduation ceremony last week Saturday, Bishop Pat Glasgow said that the Ministry’s involvement with God will be of no purpose and foundation if they do not hear God’s voice.

According to him, there is a force working against the forces of good which is trying to make life miserable for humans. He said he believes that something other than the human mind has been behind the types of crimes that have been taking place in this country.

“You cannot deal with that force simply by mere intellect because the best of human intellect is no match for a devil that has been around for ages,” Glasgow stated.

He urged the graduates to differentiate between the words of God and other voices if they are going to effectively perform in the ministry. He also advised them not be mistaken by fantasies.

“Not every voice you hear is the voice of God, and if we are going to make any kind of impact in our society, we’ve got to know and be clear that what we are hearing is God’s voice and him alone,” the Bishop stressed.

Ministry, according to Glasgow, is more than standing behind the pulpit, and the glamour of the suits and ties. He also said that a number of persons in the society have been hurt and destroyed because of how some ministers have spoken to them.

“If we speak what God says, we would not do some of the things that we find our self doing,” he said.

Valedictorian in Certificate Studies Mahlon A. Cuffy said that her spiritual education has grown as a result of her studies, and the course has empowered them to become better leaders in society.

Hannah Browne, the Valedictorian in the Bachelor’s Degree Programme, said that she has learned how to cut, divide and handle the word. Speaking on behalf of her other colleagues, she said they faced a number of challenges, but is proud to say that they are now better persons because the training helped in developing their spirituality, strength and resilience.

The Graduation ceremony was held at the Healing and Prophetic Ministries in Kingstown.