October 19, 2007

Benjamin wins the prize of most outstanding dish

Allanda Benjamin was last Saturday, October 13th, awarded the prize for the most outstanding dish in the cooking competition organized by the Barrouallie Fisheries Development Cooperative Society, as part of its 1st Anniversary celebrations.{{more}}

Benjamin prepared Fish creole served with baked potatoes and steamed vegetables.

The objectives of the competition were to: promote the consumption of fish and blackfish, showcase the culinary skills of residents of Barrouallie, and collect recipes that can be used to further promote the ‘Hairoun Bagga Fish fest’.

Seven participants entered the competition and showcased a wide variety of dishes which brought out their creativity. The criteria for judging were: taste, color, presentation, doneness and originality.

The first position was captured by the Barrouallie Multipurpose Centre, which exhibited sweet and sour blackfish, breadfruit and fish pie, fish quiche and blackfish cakes.

Patricia Samuel was judged second with her steamed fish in creole sauce served with green salad and scalloped potatoes, and stewed blackfish served with breadfruit and vegetable salad.

The third position was awarded to Donna Pierre, who exhibited Fish Pizza, Fish pie, and Fish in sweet and sour sauce.

Prizes will be distributed at the closing ceremony, which will take place at the next ‘Hairoun Bagga Fish Fest’ on Friday, 2nd November, 2007.