Ambrose: ‘Pay more attention to your breasts’
October 19, 2007

Ambrose: ‘Pay more attention to your breasts’

President of this country’s Medical Association Dr. Rosalind Ambrose is calling on women to pay special attention to their breast health.{{more}}

Ambrose, who was at the time addressing a rally that was held at Heritage Square to mark Breast Cancer Awareness month, told the audience that women should examine their breasts once a month, so that they would know if there is something different in their breasts and visit the doctor to have them checked.

According to Dr Ambrose, statistics show that one out of every 10 women in this country is liable to develop Breast Cancer in her life.

Also speaking at the short rally was breast cancer survivor Gloria Williams (photo below) who shared how she dealt with the disease when she was first diagnosed.

According to Williams, when she was first diagnosed with the disease, she was devastated, and stressed that was able to ace this by accepting her diagnosis, educating herself about the disease and complying with her doctor’s advice.

Williams underwent all the therapies that are involved in the process, and is cautioning women that they can become victims of this disease, but early diagnosis can help.

She is also calling on persons not to have a fear of the disease as there is life and hope beyond it.

The march was held last Friday, October 12.