Vincy graduates excel at Sir Hugh Wooding Law School
October 12, 2007

Vincy graduates excel at Sir Hugh Wooding Law School

In this month of our Independence, St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ flag flew high at the graduation ceremony of the Sir Hugh Wooding Law School on Saturday, October 6.{{more}}

Six Vincentians: Niara Fraser, Rickie Burnett (recently appointed Deputy Registrar), Andreas Coombs, Carl Williams, Annette Layne-Mark (daughter of Shirley Layne) and Rashda Lani Daisley were among the graduates. Ayanna Baptiste, who is one of the country’s National Scholars, has just completed Year 1 of Law School, but got a prize for being named second outstanding year 1 student.

Niara Fraser, daughter of UWI Extra-Mural Tutor Dr. Adrian Fraser and his wife Muriel, Senior Education Officer for Secondary Schools in the Ministry of Education, was on the Principal’s Honours list, and got a prize, “The Pelham Sloane-Seale Memorial Prize”, for “Best Performance in Conveyancing and Registration of Title”.

Rashda Lani Daisley, the daughter of local Agriculturalist and politician Lennie Daisley, won the Book Specialists Prize for “Best Overall Performance, Academic and Extra-Curricular Activities”. She was also among three who got the Principal’s Award for Advocacy Memorial. She was a member of the Mooting Team for Law School in the Annual Margaret Forte Memorial Mooting Competition.