October 12, 2007

Artistes promoting Education through music

The Adult and Continuing Education Division has just released a production that forms part of a total advocacy programme aimed at appealing to individuals in the society who are still not yet taking the opportunity to better their educational condition.{{more}}

The album features nine (9) tracks performed by persons who participated as Learners, Facilitators and Mobilisers in the just concluded National Literacy Crusade.

The aims of this Album are to: expose the message of Education in a format that will appeal to the young males in society; to document the performing cultural aspects of the Literacy Crusade; to show the relevance between Literacy, Music and income earning; to be used as a Teaching Learning tool among adults; to be used as a vehicle to appeal to the literate community to come on board and help to eradicate illiteracy; to be used on a national basis as a positive entertainment mechanism.

The Artistes featured on this compilation are Glen “Moliki” Williams, Marvo Morgan, Nigel Morgan, Icon, Dian Baptiste, Egbert Dabreo, Verbina Young, Kenneth “Scakes” Alleyne and Bertran Biddy.

This project was financed by the European Union 2003 Special Framework of Assistance.