Former SVG female footballer dies at 18
September 28, 2007

Former SVG female footballer dies at 18

by Shayne Alexander 28.SEP.07

The loud moans and cries that emanated from the mouths of family members and friends of the late 18-year-old, Jonelle John, were enough to drown out the loud sound of the instruments being played at the Faith Temple Church at Montrose on Monday.{{more}}

The former national women’s football player died suddenly at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on Monday, September 17. She was an employee of DiscoveryWorksLegal SVG and a former student of the SVG Community College and the Girls’ High School.

Those who stood outside the church pushed for an opportunity to get inside, while those inside were greeted by a sight which no one was prepared to witness: Their friend Jonelle, lying peacefully in her coffin. The look on a 3-year-old girl’s face said it all. The tears streaming from her puffy eyes was something that could touch anyone’s heart.

The pain was just too much to bear for some who had to be consoled, and others were just trying to be strong, even though it was clear that they, too, were feeling the pain so much. “R.I.P Jonelle Gone but not forgotten” was printed on some of the t-shirts worn by friends and family members.

Distress and sense of loss was evident in the eyes of many, as they embarked on the journey to the burial site, where they could pay their final respects and goodbyes to a girl who was described as “The girl who always had this lovely smile on her face.”

The hundreds marching through the streets at rush hour made it necessary to divert traffic in other directions. The students and staff of the Community College wish to convey sympathy to Jonelle’s family at this time of loss.