AJA tells about his role as an ‘Edutainer’
September 28, 2007

AJA tells about his role as an ‘Edutainer’

While in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) for the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) sensitization concert, United Nations (UN) spokesperson for peace and poverty eradication for Barbados and the OECS, Aja, sat down with SEARCHLIGHT and spoke about his role and responsibilities as an artiste.{{more}}

Aja said that he is an Edutainer and that his message is clean and about something. “I dedicate myself to the issues that are in keeping with what I believe in,” he said. The Barbadian native has traveled the world as a performance poet; he also performs with his band, which he says plays a fusion of jazz and Caribbean rhythms.

Aja insists that the artist has a moral and social responsibility to his community and that the artist has a critical role to play in nation building, and they must try to understand the dynamics of the society they live in.

He said that his work is inspired by the negative happenings around the world like poverty, wars, racism and injustice. Performing since 1990 Aja says that he doesn’t care too much about the money as there are many artistes who would do anything for fame and riches, even if it destabilizes the society and young minds. (AC)