September 21, 2007

Soroptimists celebrate World Peace Day

Today, 21 September, is the UN recognized day for special emphasis on Peace. Peace within ourselves, our communities, our countries, our world. It represents a day to focus on global ceasefire and building non-violent communities. It’s about joining together globally to create a sustainable world for all people.{{more}}

In 2006, Peace Day was recognised by all 192 nations in the United Nations ( In 2007, Soroptimist International seek to promote “Peace through empowerment of Women”. They are therefore urging governments to invite women to be part of the decision making process in partial fulfilment of the UNSC resolution 1325, “to involve women in the creation of sustainable peace”.

Soroptimist International also extends hands of friendship to their sisters and their cultures across the globe. By learning about each other, swapping stories and sharing friendships, they realise that they have many things in common – similar wants and dreams, regardless of whether they were born on the East, West, North or South sides of the globe. These strangers become

their friends and with this transformation, they want the same goals for these people.

A release from the local body said “We all want our families and friends to be loved, healthy, happy and prosperous. We all want our communities to live and learn in a non-violent atmosphere where everyone is respected and given equal status. Without a sprit of friendship, world peace will not be an option. September 21 is a day set aside for this purpose.”