Miriam takes first ‘Digicel Back to School Scholarship’
September 21, 2007

Miriam takes first ‘Digicel Back to School Scholarship’

Telecommunication company Digicel has made Miriam Hillocks, a former student of the Georgetown Primary School, who is now a first form student of the Georgetown Secondary School, the recipient of the first ever “Digicel Back to School Scholarship” Programme.{{more}}

The 11-year-old Rabacca Road resident, who is an aspiring doctor, said that she “felt good that her mommy got help for her education”, and with a shy smile thanked Digicel for their assistance.

Miriam’s mother Verone Hillocks, who was more vocal than her shy daughter, said that she was overjoyed, and admitted that she prayed to God for assistance, and that the Almighty had answered. She also expressed gratitude to the staff of Digicel, and assured them that she would ensure that her daughter excelled at school.

Meanwhile, Digicel’s Marketing Manager Juno De Roche congratulated Miriam on being the first Scholarship recipient and urged her to focus on her studies, but encouraged the youngster, who is a gifted young athlete, to keep balanced with extra-curricular activities.

De Roche, who is a staunch supporter of the academics, advised: “Education is fundamental for the future, and once you attain that, there is no greater achievement. Digicel’s main focus is the youth, and we will continue to support them.”

Responding to the words of wisdom given by De Roche, Miriam then mustered up courage and bravely said, “I am going to make you Digicel proud, God Bless you.”