Digicel joins CWSA in Argyle clean-up
September 21, 2007

Digicel joins CWSA in Argyle clean-up

Digicel, the leading mobile telecommunications provider in the Caribbean, showed their concern for the environment when the staff cleaned up the Argyle area in commemoration of “International Coastal Clean Up Day” last Saturday.{{more}}

Customer Care Manager of the Central Water and Sewage Authority (CWSA) Phillip Dalrymple, who was one of the organizers of the clean up, gave the telecommunications company high commendation for being in the forefront of ensuring that this country is kept tidy.

Dalrymple said that he was impressed by the staff who rolled up their sleeves and put on gloves to pick up the debris that was littering the popular picnic spot.

He urged other companies, especially those that use recreation sites such as Argyle to play greater roles in keeping these areas clean. He admitted that he was upset that such companies were not present to play their role in keeping the vicinity unsoiled.

The CWSA Customer Care Manager said that clean surroundings were not only crucial for a prosperous tourism industry but for a healthy environment for both visitors and locals alike. He noted that when coastal areas become untidy after storms, it was often because garbage that was dumped into the sea had re-surfaced on the shores after tidal surges.

Digicel Manager Sonia Polius said that she was proud that about 90% of her staff turned out for the clean up, and believed that the activity was a success.

She, however, expressed profound disappointed that other companies that sponsored the event with t-shirts did not turn up.

Also sounding similar sentiments was Marketing Manager Juno De Roche who emphasized that with more man power, the Argyle coastal area would have been cleaner. De Roche, however, said that she was very pleased with the efforts of the staff who worked in the heat of the sun to make the area tidy.