September 7, 2007

Yurumein Bridge opening doors to northern territory

The construction of the Yurumein Taiwan Bridge has paved the way for persons in the northernmost part of this country to become fully integrated with the rest of Vincentian society.{{more}}

This is according to area representative and Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Montgomery Daniel.

Daniel, speaking at the opening of the new Sandy Bay Police Station on Monday, said that residents of Sandy Bay, Orange Hill, Overland, Owia,

Fancy and other villages past the Rabacca Dry River can walk with their heads high because they are no longer marginalized.

The Minister spoke of a number of developments that have taken place, and continue to take place in the area, as traffic increases northwards.

He mentioned the students from the North Windward Constituency who are currently taking advantage of international scholarships, as well those who will be going off soon.

He made note of infrastructure, including the Garifuna Radio Station in Sandy Bay, the police station itself, the fisheries project under construction in Owia, and the arrowroot industry, which is also being revitalized.

Daniel also spoke about the work which is soon to begin on the road between Rabacca and Sandy Bay, hinting that the delay was no fault of the Government, but rather due to technical circumstances.

The Minister stated that these developments called for more and better police services in the area, beginning with a new and improved police station.

There are indications that a Rapid Response Unit (RRU) quarters is soon to be set up in the area.

During his address, Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Dr. Ralph Gonsalves revealed that his government is spending money to develop the North Windward area, because it has been marginalized since the death of Garifuna Chief Joseph Chatoyer in 1795.

The Prime Minister said that it was time to right historic wrongs, and bring the constituency to the centre stage of development of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Speaking of the Bridge, Daniel noted that the growing culture of people parking on the structure and sitting on the rails needs to stop.

He acknowledged that although the intentions of persons may be innocent, their actions pose a physical threat and cause a measure of difficulty. (JJ)