Mother: Shanika might have had a premonition of her death
August 24, 2007

Mother: Shanika might have had a premonition of her death

Enika Roban, a grieving mother of Chester Cottage who is trying to come to grips with the horrific circumstances that claimed the life of her daughter believed the teenager had a premonition of her own demise.{{more}}

On Monday, August 20, when Enika, a mother of nine spoke to SEARCHLIGHT, she was still trying to come to grips with the death of her 16-year-old daughter, Shanika Roban, who lost her life in an accident at Byera, less than two minutes drive from her Chester Cottage home.

Shanika was the lone victim of the August 16 accident involving her close friend Kellis ‘Stay Cool’ Thomas of Georgetown and Rick Pinder of Cedars.

Enika said Shanika did something very strange last week Thursday morning that she is not accustomed doing.

“She got up and washed out all her clothes. Normally, I wash her clothes. Then she took out a black dress and threw it to her sister before leaving home at 9:00 that morning,” the grieving mother reminisced.

Enika explained that Shanika left home to visit relatives at Colonarie and that was the last time she saw her last daughter alive.

On Thursday night while preparing for tropical storm Dean, Enika received a call that Shanika was involved in a bad accident. Shortly after she received another that Shanika was dead.

“I couldn’t believe. I just couldn’t believe,” Enika lamented.

Kimberly Roban, an elder sister said about 8:20 p.m. she received a call stating that Shanika had died in an accident.

“My head swelled and I felt as though I was going mad,” said Kimberly.

“I was so weak I felt as if I was out of this world,” Kimberly stressed.

The fourth form Georgetown Secondary School student was described as jovial and outgoing. (HN)