Dr. Ballantyne gives back to schools, library
August 24, 2007

Dr. Ballantyne gives back to schools, library

A former student of the St. Vincent Grammar School last week donated copies of a book of poems to his Alma Mater, its sister school and the Kingstown Public Library.{{more}}

Back in St. Vincent for a family reunion commemorating the 85th birthday of his mother, St. Kitts based lawyer Dr. Ken Ballantyne donated six copies each of his book ‘Rhythms of the Ghetto’ to the Grammar School and the Girls’ High School, and 12 to the library.

The books were presented to the principals of the schools: Frank Jones of the St. Vincent Grammar School and the Girls’ High School’s Andrea Bowman, and Jasmine Cornwall and Doris Malcolm of the library.

Each institution also received an autographed copy of the book.

The Yale educated lawyer said it was an honour to donate the books to the various institutions, with the hope that teachers and students will take time to read them. He also expressed the hope that they would find the poems intriguing and interesting.

According to Ballantyne, the book exhibits extraordinary range and a unique literary style, punctuated with directness and vivid imagery in handling the serious if delicate issues of HIV/AIDS and drugs in a thought provoking manner.

Ballantyne’s poems were composed and compiled over a 30-year period, while stationed in various Caribbean countries, as well as the United States and Africa.

The former solicitor general of St. Kitts also has a charitable organization called the TLC foundation, which assists children in the Caribbean and Africa.

Ballantyne is currently the legal advisor to the St. Kitts Federal Government. (JJ)