20 given Agriculture scholarships
August 24, 2007
20 given Agriculture scholarships

With the decline in the banana industry, the agricultural sector has been hit a hard economic blow. But the government of this country continues to counteract this challenge by ensuring that the manpower needed to build a modern, commercialized and diversified agricultural industry is developed.{{more}}

On Wednesday, August 15, 20 persons were given financial assistance to pursue studies in agricultural related areas.

Project Manager in the Agriculture Diversification Programme Implementation Unit (ADPIU) Ashley Caine said the scholarships valued at $331,956 and funded by the government and the European Union, will ensure that agriculture would once more deliver the kinds of benefits that it used to give the country.

Caine pointed out that in today’s world, it was important to market agricultural produce, ensure that the produce was of a quality standard, but it was also crucial to guarantee that the environment was also managed and protected for the next generation.

The ADPIU Project Manager emphasized, “Agricultural production has to be based on good technology, good research and good technology development for areas such as agro-processing. The establishment of a strong farmer’s organization is also an important aspect of the agricultural diversification programme.”

Caine mentioned that the ADPIU has provided support for farmers, fisher folk, agro-processors and other persons involved in the agricultural industry and encouraged others to come forward their with ideas.

Caine applauded the students and professionals for their decision to further deepen their knowledge and skills in agriculture through formal training at the university and at technical colleges, noting that a deeper knowledge of modern agricultural practices would build a brighter future for agriculture and the country as a whole.

The 20 students who received the scholarships are Rose Marie Joseph, Kevin James, Donnette Pierre, Marshant Scotland, Junior Davis Dowers, Hayden Johnson, Nicolette Balcombe Dalton, Shamanti Bacchus, Agnes Llewellyn, Mackneil Maxwell Lewis, Gertheryn Bascombe, Louanne Johnson, Alston Lynch, Sophia Henry, Simone Jacobs, Philbert Gould, Sharon Cumberbatch, Orlando Craigg, Tyrone John and Winston Carl Phillips.

Lenny Adams, who is the Rural Development Specialist in the Ministry of Agriculture Diversification Programme presented the scholarships to the students who would be pursing courses in applied agricultural science, environmental health, youth work, veterinary public health and urban and regional planning.(SG)