August 24, 2007

18 teachers for CDB scholarships

Eighteen teachers have received scholarships from the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines under the Basic Education two (2) project financed by the Caribbean Development Bank.{{more}}

The teachers will leave this country soon to pursue studies at the University of the West Indies and in England.

They will pursue studies in areas such as psychology, mathematics, physics, Assessment and Evaluation and policy analysis among others.

Speaking at a meeting with the teachers on Monday August 20th, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Laura Browne told the teachers that they should consider themselves fortunate because government is spending over one hundred thousand dollars on each of them.

She noted that persons receiving awards under the Basic Education Project are those primarily in the rural schools. These awards according to Browne, go first to rural schools because funding is meant to improve the delivery of the curriculum at the rural secondary schools.

Browne also urged the teachers to be ambassadors for their country and participate and be part of activities of which ever university they attend.

Chief Education Officer, Susan Dougan urged the teachers not to be extravagant but to use their resources wisely. She mentioned also that it is critical that they stay in the areas of study assigned to them because there is need in the system for the areas they are getting into.

Both Browne and Dougan wished the teachers success in their studies.

These teachers upon completion of their studies are expected to take up duties at rural schools across the country. (API)