August 17, 2007

VINLEC strike called off

The dispute between St. Vincent Electricity Services Ltd (VINLEC) and the National Workers’ Union (NWM) has been settled, and, according to Cecily Saunders, Chairman of the Arbitration Tribunal, the threatened withdrawal of service announced by the Union will not take place.{{more}}

A release from the Tribunal states that at a meeting held on Wednesday to resolve the dispute between the two parties, “the Tribunal heard from both sides, looked at the clauses in contention and has arrived at an interpretation of those issues.”

Chief Executive Thornley Myers, speaking to Searchlight after the meeting said, “We have reached a consensus, and have resolved the issues to the satisfaction of both parties.”

General Secretary of the NWM, Noel Jackson said that the union had a good case and “stuck to their guns” during the meeting.

Lawyer Jomo Thomas represented the NWM at the Tribunal, while veteran trade unionist Joseph “Burns” Bonadie represented VINLEC.

The release from the Tribunal says the report would be submitted to the Governor General within seven days.