August 17, 2007

Model scout says her company is not bogus

Adamantly refuting allegations from local modeling agencies that her PIC International Modeling Agency is a “bogus” company, President and Chief Executive Officer Ann Marie Daniel Barker said that she “was not here to step on anyone’s turf” but was “only scouting potential models.”{{more}}

The Vincentian born woman from the village of Mesopotamia spent many years in Canada and said she is also an Image consultant for celebrities at Prestige Image Consultants and has a lifestyle magazine called AMOI.

Daniel Barker said in an interview with the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) Radio that she wanted to come back to her homeland to give Vincentians “opportunities to make it in the big world.”

The PIC Modeling Agency President said charges being thrown at her that she was demanding models to sign a confidentiality agreement and was asking them to pay $1,000 was “normal” procedure in the modeling industry.

She explained, “The $1,000 fee is a training charge and is done in modeling agencies. Signing the agreement is a company’s way of protecting itself so that models would not share what they have learnt in our company with another agency.”

Daniel Barker stated that her website was “pulled down with instruction given to her office by her lawyer.”

The model scout said that she has provided models for heavy weight designers such as Gucci, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren and has also worked with movie stars Halle Berry, Sharon Stone and Tonya-Lee Williams.

Daniel-Barker held auditions for male and female models on August 4 at the New Democratic Party Headquarters and a photo shoot and registration the following day. (SG)