Camillo’s mom responds to critics
August 17, 2007

Camillo’s mom responds to critics

The former wife of Dr Ralph Gonsalves believes that her son Camillo will have to work much harder and be much more circumspect in his role as this country’s Ambassador to the United Nation than someone not related to the Prime Minister.{{more}}

Dr Sonia Gonsalves who is based in New Jersey, USA told SEARCHLIGHT that she believes that Camillo is well qualified and uniquely placed to do an outstanding job for this country.

She said that she has listened to the questions that have been raised since it was revealed that he was set to replace Margaret Hughes-Ferrari at the United Nations.

“I listen to Camillo’s response to that question (nepotism) at the press conference and I do not think I could improve on his response…nepotism involves favouring unqualified relatives over better qualified non-relatives,” Dr Gonsalves said, adding “Camillo’s qualifications compare favourably with those of other diplomatic representatives over the years.”

Dr Gonsalves who is Professor of Psychology and Interim Director of Faculty Development, Social and Behavioural Sciences, at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, said that she is especially glad that she will be able to see Camillo more, once he is confirmed as Ambassador.

Reflecting on the notion that her son seems destined to follow closely in her ex-husband’s footsteps, she said that she is confident that Camillo’s choices will be consistent with his life goals.

“I do not believe in destiny, I believe we make choices about our present and future,” she said.

And about the harshness of the world of politics, “The world is harsh,” she responded.

“I worry about the environment, war, terrorism and violence in general, and the happiness of my children, I do not worry about their job choices,” she said.