’Ole George, Butcher are ‘last men standing’
August 3, 2007
’Ole George, Butcher are ‘last men standing’

“We did what we set out … what we wanted to do”. That was Earl “Ole George” Daniel’s comments soon after he and Joel Butcher completed their seven-day continuous walk without sleep last Tuesday.{{more}}

Their quest for either man to be the last person standing ended with both of them entering the Victoria Park together at 6:47 p.m., seven days and one hour after they left the same venue.

The gruelling task saw both men walking the length of the mainland, an adventure undertaken to focus the nation’s attention on the need for peace in the land.

Daniel, in a brief interview with SEARCHLIGHT last Tuesday evening said he and Butcher were satisfied with their accomplishments.

Down playing the objective advanced prior to the walk that he wanted their feat to be accepted by the authorities of the Guinness Book of Records, Daniel stated that walk was priority and the record secondary.

Daniel in a reflective mood said the idea for this particular walk was a “spiritual revelation”, with the number seven a critical ingredient.

Questioned about the reduced support from their previous novel five day walk in 2005, Daniel with a slight slur in his speech said, “I am not here to judge anyone, each man has to work out their own salvation”.

At a brief ceremony following the walk, Daniel said it was inspired by God.

Contending their mission was purely divine; Daniel recalled that forces of the devil were trying to impede them. He spoke of a mishap the previous night that saw a vehicle driving on one of his feet, but he did not sustain any injury.

Sounding more like a religious delivery, Daniel said, “We need to get back prayers in the schools and back into the homes.”

In his sermonising Daniel called for the nation return to God, and the values that once made St. Vincent and the Grenadines a God fearing place.

The more reserved Butcher said that he also was glad they had completed the walk, but hopes that others will come forward and emulate them.

Daniel and Butcher turned out to be the only ones taking up the challenge after the much advertised competitors from around the region never set foot here.

But the two were greeted by a small but appreciative group of persons that braved the impending weather to cheer on their heroes.

All speakers at the welcoming ceremony expressed their dissatisfaction that more persons did not support the venture, more so for its cause.

Daniel again responded in similar fashion on this issue saying, “Their blood would not be on my shoulder”.

The two local walking heroes reiterated it was the last time that Vincentians had an opportunity to see them undertaking such a major task. (RT)