July 27, 2007
Homes for homeless coming

Minister of Social Development, Mike Browne has said that over the next month his ministry will be looking at ways in which they can step up their game with regard to the homeless.{{more}}

According to Browne, while they (the ministry) are working on setting up facilities to deal with the homeless, the mentally ill persons among them who need additional care will be sent back to the mental hospital.

During a short interview, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Rosita Snagg told SEARCHLIGHT that the ministry has set up a committee to work to see how they can address these vulnerable and homeless persons. They will also work along with several other organizations to help find shelter for the homeless.

The Salvation Army in collaboration with the Lions Club have a proposed plan to build a ‘Salvation Army Children’s Home’ at Buccament to accommodate street children.

The building is expected to house children up to 17 years old and will also consist of a day care and preschool which will cater for students who are not old enough to enter primary school. (SB)